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Farshah Ariffin Free Lance Photographer

  • Selangor
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What I Provide

I'm a passionate person and rates don't bother me as it's negotiable. Most of my achievement is to be able to deliver my service in a professional way even though photography is my part-time job. I have covered various types of shoots before and been in this industry for more than 2 decades. Experience as a full-time photographer for more than 2 years and becoming a free-lancer since 2006. Currently my services are available at any time of the week, and I usually produce more than 300 shoots for events, weddings, corporate projects that take 2 to 4-hour sessions. Rates for the session on products, portrait, family photo and other sort of special session can be discuss further as some will require additional equipment and support. For other services such as photo book, print-outs, physical drive, this will cost separately with reasonable price. My service comes with the existing equipment (camera, lighting, portable studio) in my inventory, basic editing and all artwork/soft copy will be upload into cloud/drive upon completion for customer to download. Depending on the schedule and the intensity of the projects, my commitment is to deliver the final works within 14 days after the session.