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How do i create an account with TheGambar?

We made it easy for you to do this. On the top right in the Home Page, there is a human icon with the + sign. Click on it and it will guide you on how to create an account with The Gambar.(either as a customer or photographers)

Or click on this link for our Step by Step Video Guide.

How can i view the past works of a photographer that I would want to book?

Once you have decided which photographer you want, just click on their profile and then click on Display Portfolio. It will then display all past picture that the photographer has snapped before.

Can anyone becomes a Photograher?

The answer is both Yes and No.
Let us explain. We allow everyone & anyone to register as a Photographer, but our dedicated QA team will vet through each of the photographers profile to make sure those who registered are genuine, they know what a photographer needs to do and they will deliver the expected result as mentioned on their profile. Once our team has verified based on their existance in FB, Insta, LinkedIn, personal websites or every other database / resorces that we have, only then their profile will be approved and appear in our verified photographers lists. In other words we have done the checkings for you, so that you could have a peace of mind knowing those photographers does exist and they can deliver as promised.
(we have so far rejected almost 20% of our applicant because they did not provide their complete details and there are difficulties in reaching them during the verifications process)

Is our payment transaction secured using The Gambar?

Yes, and we made it sure it is by engaging with the best payment merchant to securely monitor all online payments within our websites. The payment are kept securely by The Gambar and we only release the payment to the Photographers once the Job is completed. No more lost payments or missing Photographers on the days of event.

How can I reach out The Gambar for any feedbacks, enquiries or disputes?

We have made this as simple as posssible for all our customers and photographers.

You may send us an email at                :
You may fill up a simple form at             :
Or You may text us via WhatsApp at     :+601110508887 or click HERE